Student services - frequently asked questions (FAQ) for undergraduate students transferring from community college to National University

A Clear Choice

National University is a leading choice for community college transfer students.

Q: What is the process for transferring credits to National University?

A: Submit your completed application to student services with all required documents and transcripts of all college courses completed. National University will evaluate your previous courses and let you know which courses will transfer.

Q: When are my transcripts going to arrive at National University?

A: The average transition time for most documents is six weeks from the date they were requested or approximately eight weeks from the date of enrollment.

Q: What is the deadline to apply?

A: National University accepts students year-round. Certain programs may only be offered twice a year. Student services can help you schedule your program.

Q: Can I enroll in courses at any time?

A: Yes. National University has monthly enrollment cycles and students can begin taking classes at the beginning of any month, year-round, for your convenience.

Q: Will I be assigned an advisor who can help me whenever I have questions?

A: All National University students are assigned an academic advisor to guide them through course completion and answer any questions they may have during their studies.

Q: Can I take CLEP and other tests for credit toward a degree?

A: Yes. Recognizing that many people have relevant knowledge and experience that can be applied to an academic curriculum, an advisor will help you apply the maximum credit possible to your degree program. That includes previous coursework, exams and military training documented by your service branch and approved by The American Council on Education (ACE).

Q: Are transfer students eligible for financial aid?

A: Transfer students may be eligible for federal grants, state grants, and federal loans dependent upon previous aid received in the current academic year from another institution. National University uses the budgets established by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) to determine financial need for all students who apply for aid. All eligible aid has annual limits used in determining a student's financial aid award per academic year.

Q: How many courses can I take at a time?

A: Due to the intensive one-month long course schedule, it is recommended that students take only one course at a time. There are exceptions that will be made but for the most part, plan on taking one course at a time.

Q: How long do undergraduate programs take to complete?

A: Undergraduate programs are about 42 - 46 courses, depending on your program as well as transfer credits accepted, and take an average of three and half years to complete.

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